Want To Finally Master PPC Marketing?

We can help anyone learn and master pay per click marketing. We are the pioneers in online group training via our forum system which delivers the most up to date training in the world. We are constantly updating our training to meet the ever changing pay per click universe. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, affiliate marketer, cpa marketer, ppc agency employee or owner, we can help you. We have training and coaching available on all the major pay per click traffic sources and use even more then we’re showing below!

Ever Wish You Could Just Ask Someone And Get A Straight Answer?

That’s what we do here. We COACH you. Coaches help you master techniques and become better at whatever you are doing. We’ve applied the same concept to the online advertising world and have gotten very good at it over the years. Sure you can go to Google and try to find an answer searching through all the anonymous information to try to find the answer to your specific questions. That’s free and we think NOT easy to do. That’s where we come in. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or a seasoned marketer, we can help get your campaigns profitable.

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We can help you with:

  • Google Adwords

    Google Adwords is the grandfather of all pay per click marketing traffic sources.  They have a lot of traffic available for you.  There are a couple things you must know about them though in order to use them successfully.  We can not only review any campaigns you have running, but we can show you exactly how to build them, manage them and optimize them the RIGHT way.

  • Facebook Ads

    Did you know Facebook Ads is catching up to Google Adwords now for traffic numbers?  Who isn’t on Facebook now?  We’ll show you and coach you on how to advertise using Facebook Ads.  It’s a bit different approach versus Google Adwords and the rest so make sure you do it right from the start with our help!

  • Bing Ads

    Bing Ads is formerly called “MSN Adcenter”.  This is Microsofts way to try to compete with Google in the pay per click marketplace.  The beauty of Bing Ads is they are typically a little bit cheaper to run versus Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, but they’re just as high quality!  Make sure you setup, run and optimize your campaigns on Bing Ads the right way with our help.

  • 7search

    7search.com is a place that has dirt cheap clicks available and their rules are little more relaxed versus the top tier pay per click traffic sources.  That doesn’t mean they’re not worth your time though.  You can make them very profitable by following some proven methods with them.  It’s all in the details and each traffic source is slightly different.  We can help you get things running optimally on them too.

  • Plenty Of Fish

    Yes Plenty Of Fish is a dating site, the largest free one in the world apparently!  They also have a ads on them and we can show you how to use Plenty of Fish, (POF), even if you aren’t advertising a dating site!  Through our use of angles we can advertise virtually anything we want, (well what they’ll allow of course).  It’s a very profitable place to advertise anything you want to promote online.

  • And More!

    We are constantly finding new pay per click traffic sources and have training available whenever we do.  Some of the smaller ones do tend to get bought out quite a bit so we do update this part of site continually to stay on top of all the changes.


All Types Welcome

We can help all types of people.  Business owners are welcome, affiliate marketers are welcome, CPA marketers are welcome and PPC agencies are welcome to use our training and coaching for their employees too!   What you want to advertise doesn’t matter, we show you HOW to do advertise it properly through our training & ongoing coaching both 1 on 1 and in group format.

So What Does It Cost?

We have 4 different membership options for you.  Our most popular is the annual subscription because you save $180 or 30% off!  We’ve been around since 2007 and are not going anywhere anytime soon, so your annual subscription is a great option.  The $1 trial for 14 days is also a popular option along with the straight up monthly subscription.  Pick your favorite and let’s start the training and coaching today!


  • 14 Day Trial
    $0.35 per day
  • - $1 Trial
  • - 14 Days Access
  • - Cancel At Anytime
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  • Great Value
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  • - $49.99 Per Month
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  • 20% Discount
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  • - $119.98 Every Quarter
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  • 30% Discount
    $1.17 per day
  • - $419.92 Every Year
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