PPC Coach Group Coaching Is Back

group-coaching-live-case-studiesWhat the heck is this?

You know how you buy a course and it’s great for the particular snapshot in time?  What they show in the course does work (typically), but it’s only one moment in time that they’re showing.  That’s a big drawback.  What if you can learn by watching someone do something LIVE?  That’s what PPC Coach v2.0 is all about.

For the past couple years now I’ve been selling physical products of all kinds, mugs, necklaces, t-shirts, hoodies, earrings and more.  I’ve been selling them by using Facebook ads to promote my products.  I’ve done this via my own stores online and via platforms like Gearbubble, Teespring & Represent.  I’ve gotten pretty good at it and do make a very decent living doing only that full time.  But something was wrong.

I’ve always loved this site.  I opened it in 2007 and it’s been my favorite site that I’ve ever created.  At one point I had over 1,000 members here.  It was so fulfilling to be a part of so many people having so much success.  In fact it seems to be even more fulfilling versus running things on my own without doing any coaching.  So a little over a month ago, I started offering a few people some 1on1 coaching.  I got bit by the “coaching” bug again!

I decided to re-open PPC Coach as version 2.0.  Bigger, stronger, better than ever.

I am going to put my money where my mouth is.  I’m going to do live case studies as if I’m starting out brand new in the business.  You will see me struggle.  You will see me fail multiple times and you will see me eventually succeed.  Each month I’ll start a new live case study.  Every couple days I’ll post an update on the coaching forums showing my progress.  You can watch, you can participate and you will benefit by watching me FAIL.

Why am I so keen on saying I’m going to fail?  It’s simple.  Everytime you fail, you are one step closer to success.  All those fancy screenshots you see from people selling their latest course never show how many failures went into that success.  I’m on a mission to change people’s perspectives and give them a HUGE does of reality right here on the group coaching forums.  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  I’m going to be taking a lot of shots.

Think of a baseball player.  Do you think they can step up to the plate and hit a homerun every time they’re at bat?  Nope, not a single one can.  Even the guys who can hit the odd homerun don’t do it often.  But do you know how many swings they’ve taken over the years to perfect their swing as best as possible?  Hundreds of thousands of swings go into that one at bat for them.  Look at their batting averages, NOBODY hits 1.00.  In fact 0.300 is a really really good batting average!

Think of basketball and the best player on the planet at the moment.  Steph Curry has taken and made more 3 point shots then any human alive.  Do you think that’s why he can shoot from anywhere and the opposing players have to guard him the second he steps over half court now?  It’s not God given talent that has earned him 2 MVP awards in a row in the NBA, it’s hard work and taking more shots then anybody else.

Think of a gold miner up in the Yukon, (then I swear I’ll stop giving you analogies!), they have to mine hundreds of thousands of tons of DIRT to find a couple ounces of gold.  They use gigantic machines, bull dozers, excavators, wash plants, rock trucks and long hours to move literally mountains all to find ounces of gold.  That’s what we are on this site.  We are online gold miners.  We have to sift through a lot of tests to find the good stuff.  And when we do we make a good deal of money.

So if you’ve ever thought there was something not quite right about the courses you’ve bought in the past, if you’ve ever felt there was more to it, you’re right.  There is a lot more to it and I’m going to show you the dirty side.  If you’re game, then click the button below to join now and I’ll see you on the members only group coaching forums that are getting into full swing as we speak!

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