In this interview we chat with Travis Petelle.  He’s the man behind several Shopify stores as well as  I love how Travis has pretty much mastered the outsourcing and hiring of employees in house.  Personally I think in house is the best way to go if you can.  When people are working for you right there, they tend to produce a bit more and that’s a good thing.  He offers lots of great answers to the 10 questions and I think you’ll enjoy this interview with him.  If you liked it, post in the comments!  🙂

In this video, we walk through the recent update on Shopify which allows you to place your pixel id in one spot now.  This saves some custom coding but I don’t think it’s complete yet.  I’m sticking to my old way with my little script that allows me to create custom conversions.  I don’t see that ability in this update, but maybe it’s in the works with them.  Please post any questions or comments below.  🙂

group-coaching-live-case-studiesWhat the heck is this?

You know how you buy a course and it’s great for the particular snapshot in time?  What they show in the course does work (typically), but it’s only one moment in time that they’re showing.  That’s a big drawback.  What if you can learn by watching someone do something LIVE?  That’s what PPC Coach v2.0 is all about.

For the past couple years now I’ve been selling physical products of all kinds, mugs, necklaces, t-shirts, hoodies, earrings and more.  I’ve been selling them by using Facebook ads to promote my products.  I’ve done this via my own stores online and via platforms like Gearbubble, Teespring & Represent.  I’ve gotten pretty good at it and do make a very decent living doing only that full time.  But something was wrong.

I’ve always loved this site.  I opened it in 2007 and it’s been my favorite site that I’ve ever created.  At one point I had over 1,000 members here.  It was so fulfilling to be a part of so many people having so much success.  In fact it seems to be even more fulfilling versus running things on my own without doing any coaching.  So a little over a month ago, I started offering a few people some 1on1 coaching.  I got bit by the “coaching” bug again!

I decided to re-open PPC Coach as version 2.0.  Bigger, stronger, better than ever.

I am going to put my money where my mouth is.  I’m going to do live case studies as if I’m starting out brand new in the business.  You will see me struggle.  You will see me fail multiple times and you will see me eventually succeed.  Each month I’ll start a new live case study.  Every couple days I’ll post an update on the coaching forums showing my progress.  You can watch, you can participate and you will benefit by watching me FAIL.

Why am I so keen on saying I’m going to fail?  It’s simple.  Everytime you fail, you are one step closer to success.  All those fancy screenshots you see from people selling their latest course never show how many failures went into that success.  I’m on a mission to change people’s perspectives and give them a HUGE does of reality right here on the group coaching forums.  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  I’m going to be taking a lot of shots.

Think of a baseball player.  Do you think they can step up to the plate and hit a homerun every time they’re at bat?  Nope, not a single one can.  Even the guys who can hit the odd homerun don’t do it often.  But do you know how many swings they’ve taken over the years to perfect their swing as best as possible?  Hundreds of thousands of swings go into that one at bat for them.  Look at their batting averages, NOBODY hits 1.00.  In fact 0.300 is a really really good batting average!

Think of basketball and the best player on the planet at the moment.  Steph Curry has taken and made more 3 point shots then any human alive.  Do you think that’s why he can shoot from anywhere and the opposing players have to guard him the second he steps over half court now?  It’s not God given talent that has earned him 2 MVP awards in a row in the NBA, it’s hard work and taking more shots then anybody else.

Think of a gold miner up in the Yukon, (then I swear I’ll stop giving you analogies!), they have to mine hundreds of thousands of tons of DIRT to find a couple ounces of gold.  They use gigantic machines, bull dozers, excavators, wash plants, rock trucks and long hours to move literally mountains all to find ounces of gold.  That’s what we are on this site.  We are online gold miners.  We have to sift through a lot of tests to find the good stuff.  And when we do we make a good deal of money.

So if you’ve ever thought there was something not quite right about the courses you’ve bought in the past, if you’ve ever felt there was more to it, you’re right.  There is a lot more to it and I’m going to show you the dirty side.  If you’re game, then click the button below to join now and I’ll see you on the members only group coaching forums that are getting into full swing as we speak!

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In this last video in the series, I’m showing you how I scale the campaign.  There’s a pitch for the necklace blueprint course at the end of the video but I hope you have got a lot of value out of this.  The system is now in place for you to follow and I hope that I can help you with it.  If you do have any questions then please do post them in the comments below!  Thanks for watching.  🙂


In this video, (2 of 4), I show how to research some ideas to put on necklaces.  Anybody can do this, it’s not that hard.  The hard part is doing it consistently, that’s where most struggle.  However have a look at this video where I walk through some ideas and places you can use to find design ideas to promote.  Enjoy!  If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.

In this big hitter interview I chat with Don Wilson, the owner of  Don does about  $1,000,000 a month now on his site and has created a lot of income for a lot of people, (me included).  He offers some great insights into business and his down to earth attitude is what I like best about the guy.  This is a great interview and I’m sure you’ll gain something from it.  Enjoy!



So you’ve seen the number 2 sellers on Gearbubble and how they sell necklaces.  How about the Number ONE guy now?  🙂  This is the top selling necklace on Gearbubble.  It’s a course and case study by JD Yarger, (the bearded one).  I like this course because I picked up a very cool golden nugget from the case study that I have since applied to all my other campaigns.  That’s why I love these courses.  I do recommend this one.  Learning from the best is always a good idea.

Click Here To View The Eternal Scale System

So today I had the bright idea of sending an email on a real hot button issue in the US.  I thought that since Donald Trump has people that either love him or really don’t like him at all, I would send out and email that was meant to be funny, but apparently it wasn’t.  I got some hate mail from a couple lovely gentlemen and I thought, “man I didn’t even take a side on Trump and I’m getting blasted by people who are clear Trump supporters.”  Then I thought, hey why not post a couple examples of what people say when they don’t like your emails.  So here goes.

First here’s my email.  I admit it might have been a tad inappropriate but I wanted to see what kind of response I would get.  I also added in my patent pending spelling mistake but that didn’t even get any response on this one.  (I sometimes add in spelling errors because the grammar and spell check police LOVE to point it out when you make a mistake).  (Oh and sometiems I do JUST make a mistake and don’t double check).  (See what I did there?).  Anyhow here’s my email:

my-emailIf you note that I even admitted I don’t really have a right to say much about it because I’m not in ‘Merica.  I’m just a lowly Canadian boy with bad judgement I guess?  I also didn’t take sides or say whether I was for or against the Donald.  I just said people either love him or don’t like him much.  I guess in reading it again it could be taken to read like I don’t like Trump, but honestly I don’t care either way really.  As the first hate mail dude pointed out, Canadians have no right to comment on anything:

angry-email-2Uh huh.  I wasn’t aware the politics could not be discussed by a Canadian.  Good to know, I will keep that in mind.  I mean we are just simpletons who have no clue about anything going in the world.  We live in our own frosty bubbles up here sipping on Maple syrup and saying “eh” after every sentence.  Now that one did hurt my Canadian feelings but not as much as this one:

angry-email-1This was straight to the point and well put.  I guess I deserved that.  Now I immediately went to google and tried to find witty responses.  Things like: “I appreciate the fact that you think it could reach.” or “Believe me, I’ve tried.” or “Sure, but let me finish with your mom first” or “I was going to but your wife/mom/sister/girlfriend/boyfriend already did it for me.”  Then I thought, no way that would be way too rude and what if that person doesn’t have a mom anymore?  That would be very cruel, so there’s no way in hell I would ever respond like that to them.  Plus responding to something like that is going to be pointless.  I have pretty thick skin after working online since 2004, so I just let it roll off my back without responding.  The next one was better because at least the guy put some thought into it:

angry-email-3He’s right, I attempted political humor, (humour in Canadian) and failed.  I don’t think I was being very outspoken about my personal political beliefs.  My goal was to help people out with a simple Facebook search trick, but I kind of forgot that saying a headline like I did to people who might be Trump supporters would be a bad idea.  I mean IF I were American and loved the Donald, I’d be annoyed too if I got an email like that.  So I can see their point, but it really was in jest only.  Again no response was sent to this fella because why bother eh?

The next one was my favorite, (favourite in Canadian):

angry-email-4It is against the law for people in the US to move to Canada?  I did not know that.  I’ve got a cousin who moved to the US and is now a police officer there without any problems.  I didn’t know that Americans would really move it Trump were elected.  That would be pretty extreme.  But that said we have a lot in common with Americans, we look like them, walk upright like them and wear clothes like them.  There’s a couple big differences though too, we say “sorry” way too much and we love hockey more then our spouses sometimes.  (Well not me personally I love basketball more than hockey but I’m not a normal Canadian boy).

So why on earth would I ever make a post on my blog like this?  Simple I like people to learn from my mistakes.  I probably made a mistake in sending out that email.  I thought it was a good idea but was it?  A good coach will allow you to learn from their mistakes.  That way you don’t have to make them on your own.  This saves time and money.  Did I mention I opened up some 1on1 coaching spots?  See more information on my 1on1 coaching here.  Even if you think my judgement was off in sending that email, was it really?  Humor, (humour CDN), is a good thing.  If we can’t laugh with each other, then what’s the point?

Do you think I was dumb for sending that email?  I am open to hearing your opinions.  I know I’m probably going to get raked over the coals but hey it wouldn’t be the first time.  For the record, I am neither for nor against Donald Trump.  One nice person also asked why I didn’t send an email saying the same thing but with Hillary Clinton?  (That’s not a bad idea and might help people see I’m not for or against any of them).  It’s really none of my business.  I’ll stick to paid traffic and keep my nose out of American politics, I mean my Canadian opinions are not welcomed anyway.  🙂