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Hey fellow Etsy seller,

Starting and growing an Etsy shop is one of most satisfying and frustrating thing you can do online.

In recent years, the success rate of those want to get consistent sales on their Etsy shop has declined.

According to stats I just made up, 60% of the time, people fail every time.

(Humor is a good thing!)

Why do people fail at growing their Etsy shop though?

In all seriousness, there’s a few factors causing this with information overload is to blame as the main cause.

First, there are sooooo many people on Youtube right now vying for your attention and offering little tidbits here and something completely different there.

Second, Etsy sellers seem to want list ONLY handmade or print on demand products.  That does work but there’s another category of products that works even better.  That’s Digital Products!

These are as close to set it and forget it that you can get online.  It’s as close to passive income as there is online.  Digital products have soooo many advantages to them vs the other types that you can list on your Etsy shop.

The biggest problem is trying to figure out how to create these digital products and exactly which digital products you should be listing.  This can lead to feelings of overwhelm and frustration.

The Digital Downloads School fixes this problem…

We’ve created an entirely new way of growing your Etsy shop that we do ourselves.

This new method helps you fit your Etsy product listing into your busy life by making it simpler, not more complex.

The good news is that it’s possible for you to love your Etsy journey every step of the way.

Watch our introductory Etsy class to learn the method and get started.


If You’re Not Currently Selling Digital Downloads On Your Shop, You Should Be!

Digital downloads include products like SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF files, printable wall art, printable greeting cards, tv frame art, digital art, templates, guides, clipart, patterns and more.  You’ll learn how to create and sell these in the Digital Download School which is ran by an experienced expert.


Over 11,000 Students So Far


We've Been Around Since 2007


Over 200 Testimonials So Far


Your Product Of The Month

We deliver a product of the month workshop every month on the 15th of each month inside the membership portal.  Every product you list on your Etsy shop gets you closer to consistent daily sales.  Here’s how it works:


Watch The Training

The 15th Of Every Month A New Digital Product Will Be Taught To You Via A Pre-Recorded Workshop Giving You All The Steps & Info You Need.


Create The Design

First You Create The Designs Based On The Product Of The Month So You Do Not Have To Think About “What Should Be Listing?” Ever Again.  You Will Be Using Canva And/Or Artificial Intelligence.


List The Product On Your Shop

You’ve Got The Idea & Training From Us, You Created The Listings, Now List Them On Your Shop!  That’s It.  Create & List With Our Help.


Your Product Of The Month Workshop Is Posted In The Membership The 15th Of Every Month

We took the annoying, repetitive part off your shoulders and made it as easy as possible to start getting consistent sales daily with your own Etsy shop.  You don’t have to think about what to list next, we do that for you.  All you have to do is create and list.  After a while you’ll start getting consistent daily sales.

The DDS Program Is Designed To Remove Information Overload & Let You Focus On Listing Digital Products On Your Etsy Shop. We Show You A Product Of The Month Every Month. You Create & List It!


The Ultimate Etsy Shop Growth Experience

Get Going, Stay Committed & Build Your Etsy Shop All Through Small Efforts Daily, Not More “Stuff”.  Here Are The 3 Core Components Of The DDS

Product Of The Month

We Love Digital Products Of All Types. You Need To Have Digital Products On Your Shop. These Bring In Sales Quickly & Easily. (They're Also Set & Forget With No More Maintenance, No Base Costs & Very Happy Customers)

Workshop Training

We Not Only Give You A Product To Focus On But We Provide Full Training On How To Create, List & Optimize That Product. We Remove All The Guess Work & Lean Heavily On Artificial Intelligence To Create The Digital Products.

Rinse & Repeat

Don't Just List 1 Version Of The Product Of The Month, Shoot For 5 Per Week! Take 10 Minutes Per day & By The End Of The Month, You'll Have 20 New Digital Products Listed, Optimized & Selling On Your Own Etsy Shop!


Digital Product Of The Month Workshop Monthly

You Will Never Run Out Of Ideas Or Ask “What Should I List Now On My Etsy Shop” Again!  We Will Get You In The Habit Of Making Consistent Listings Which Means Consistent Sales.


Hello, my name is Will Haimerl and I’m also know online as “PPC Coach”.  I’ve spent over a decade training online marketers from around the globe.

I started online in 2005 and went full time in 2007.  I’ve trained well over 11,000 online marketers since then via my courses, 1on1 coaching, bootcamps and membership sites.

Want to learn more about me?  Go here:


How Much Does This Cost?

Digital Download School is not free.  But you kinda figured that didn’t you?  If we did it for free, no one would value it.  Unfortunately that’s the way she goes!

We’ve sold courses for $997.  We’ve sold bootcamps for $299.10 to $2,997.  We do have our flagship membership site that is $49.99 per month.  We’ve even given away PDFs and guides for free!  We wanted to price this so it’s a complete NO-Brainer for you.

Digital Downloads School is just $7 per month.

Did you read that right?  Yes.  $7 per month.  We were not kidding when we said we wanted to make this as easy as possible for you.  So how do you get in?  Well first things first, you need to watch the free introductory class so know exactly what you’re getting before you commit to the DDS.  Click the big green button below now to request an invite to the class.  If it sounds good, let’s do it.  If not, no worries.


What Exactly Do You Get With DDS?

This Is A Very Unique Program.  We Don’t Know Of Anyone Else Offering This In The Etsy World.

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