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Want to learn how to sell products on Facebook without losing your shirt? That’s what my newest, (and I have to say BEST), course is all about! I have been selling products through Gearbubble for a while now and have a great system down pat.

I show you how to set it all up then walk you through the system from research to testing to launching to scaling. It’s very step by step and the feedback has been tremendous already from people who have bought the course. If you’d like someone to take you by the hand and walk you through a proven system, then check out the course now!

Click here to check it out: GB Course

Over the holidays I decided to do something different. I was inspired by a post from an affiliate manager at Peerfly who posted a case study of him profiting on POF, (Plenty Of Fish). So I decided to do what most do not, I took action and tried it for myself! Well it worked. I got the campaign profitable during a time period where most affiliates are not working, (the Christmas holidays).

You can check it out here:

Profitable Plenty Of Fish Case Study

It’s about 30 pages and is not the typical guide that I do. It’s an over the shoulder look at the 7 days I took to get the campaign profitable. I let you know not only WHAT I did but WHY I did it. You can take this case study and apply it to your own campaigns right away. I suggest doing a different offer in a different niche so we’re not all competing against each other but I fully understand that some will just copy this word for word. That’s the risk I take.

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Will Haimerl is an online entrepreneur. He owns several websites and does training/consulting and coaching for online marketers and business owners. To contact Will Haimerl, please use the contact us form above.