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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is "PPC Coach"?

PPC Coach is a weird name for my brand that I’ve had since 2007.  Throughout the years I’ve always taught people how to start their own online business through group coaching program, courses, bootcamps and even 1on1 coaching.  This is a place to learn how to start your own online business.  “PPC” stands for “pay per click”.  I used the brand name PPC Coach because I started out teaching people how to do pay per click marketing on Google Adwords way back in the day.  The name just stuck even though it doesn’t have much to do with my current programs.

What Type Of Online Business Model Is Taught?

My current favorite online business model is opening up an Etsy shop and a Shopify store.  Next you fill those up with print on demand products and digital products.  The business model is ecommerce combined with my “Double Down” system.  Two stores is safer just in case Etsy decides one day to ban your shop or Shopify decides to do the same.  There are benefits to both store platforms and we couldn’t decide so we just teach them BOTH.

Why Should You Join?

First, I’m old.  I’ve been through the wringer online, had a lot of success and a lot of failure too.  I’ve got the gray hair and receding hairline to prove it.  That means I’m not a one trick pony.  I’ve tried virtually every business model out for making money online and the current one is the best so far.  That means you get a very experienced teacher/coach in me when you join any of the programs I offer.  Second, I’ve done over 7 figures with this business model and even more if you include my teaching/coaching business.  I’m constantly on the hunt for the newest and latest techniques and methods to get you more sales and am not afraid to share them.

What Is The Double Down Ecommerce System?

We will teach you how to open an Etsy Shop AND a Shopify Store in our group coaching program.  This will allow you to have the best of both worlds.  Etsy has over 93 million buyers looking for products on their site.  You can tap into that.  Shopify allows you more control and the ability to run paid ads to your store.  Running both platforms at once is the BEST way to succeed with ecommerce today.  We will teach you it all.

Do You Need To Run Paid Ads?

No.  I mean you can and it will move things along a lot faster but you do not need to if you do not want to.  An Etsy shop can be started without running any paid ads and grow nicely over time.  Shopify can be used for paid ads to move things along a lot faster and is recommended because you do not get access to 93 million buyers like you do on Etsy.  (That’s why I do both, for a good mix of both worlds.)  I teach a lot of free methods to get sales inside the group coaching program.

What Exactly Am I Joining Here?

The first Thursday of every month a new “challenge” starts in the group coaching program.  A challenge is 3 live training sessions, delivered every Thursday.  Each month, (depending on the time of the year), I’ll teach you how to sell products that are tied to a holiday or evergreen which can be sold year round.  When you build your two stores this way, (one Etsy and one Shopify), you will be making sales year round.  You also get support, stores reviews and templates to use.

Where Does The Training & Support Happen?

The training and support takes place on the members only forums.  They are hosted on the most cutting edge forum software in existence.  They are protected by the top membership script on the planet.  We have been doing this for over a decade and are very good at providing training, support and the best delivery system possible to get you profitable!

Can I Cancel At Anytime?

We are a membership site and that means you’re charged monthly or yearly depending on which subscription you purchase.  You are free to cancel at anytime for any reason.  In fact you can login to your own paypal account and cancel from your end if prefer not to speak to us first.  However just contact us at anytime and we will do it for you if you want.

How Will I Be Marketing Products?

We will teach you how to use paid traffic AND free traffic to promote print on demand products.  That means you have a choice.  Maybe you’ve tried ads in the past and they didn’t work?  That’s cool, our free traffic method(s) will help you big time!  We’ve got training on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Tiktok Ads and more.  Combine that with options for free traffic and it’s the best group coaching program out there bar none.

Do You Have Other Products?

Yes!  I run bootcamps a few times per year on various topics or dedicated to a holiday event.  These are separate from the group coaching program.  I also have several courses out there too.  If you buy the group coaching program, that does not get you into the bootcamps or courses automatically.  The group coaching program is like having season tickets to your favorite team.  The bootcamps and courses are like paying one time to attend a concert or event.  

Do You Have A YouTube Channel?

100 yes!  I love YouTube.  It’s become my favorite place to post a ton of free content and free training videos for the world to see.  (It helps that I FINALLY got my channel monetized not too long ago too).  (Only took like 16 years).  I didn’t do much for about 15 of those years though.  Anyhow, if you want to see my YouTube channel click the “Videos” link in the menu above or just click here.

Do You Have A Facebook Group?

I do.  The group has grown nicely over the years and is still full of awesome information and people.  The Facebook group is more for people asking questions, me posting updates on new videos and trainings and just a place for Etsy, Shopify and online entrepreneurs of all types to hang out.  You can go to my free Facebook group by clicking here.

What If I Have Other Questions?

No problem, you can reach us via email: or skype: or join the free Facebook™ group located here:  We will be happy to answer any and all questions you have.  If you contact us on a weekend, you may have to wait until Monday for an answer though as we do not work 24/7.

You’re joining the best online business creation coaching program on the internet.  Now that we have answered all your questions, click that big green button below and let’s get started!