Does Splitting By Yearly Age Ranges Work?

Discussion in 'Experiments' started by PPC Coach, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. PPC Coach

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    The Question

    Does splitting ad sets by individual years work? Meaning, one ad set for 24 year olds, one for 25 year olds, one for 26 year olds...all the way out.

    The Plan

    I will run several $6.50 ad sets on auto bid and see if they work today. I'm using low daily budgets and auto bids for this.

    Each ad sets will point to the same post id. The post will be a dark post and 1,200 x 1,650 in size. It will have a link in the description that has the link to my product. I am selling a necklace with this experiment.


    I will run this for 7 days starting today.

    Let's GO!

    Here's the setup so far...

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  2. dougison

    dougison New Member

    Great test. That will narrow it down real quick... i'm sort of new so have to go through the training to find where I get the post ID.
  3. PPC Coach

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  4. PPC Coach

    PPC Coach Administrator Staff Member

    UPDATE: November 21st, 2017 9:37 am est

    Well most of my ad sets were paused with my automated rules. It seems the bulk of them weren't even getting any view contents. (I set my rules to shut down any ad set quickly if it's stumbling out of the starting gate). There's 10 left and so far this is NOT looking good imho.

    I will keep these running but there's about to hit my "add to cart" automated rule for this campaign, so it's not looking good.

    Preliminary opinion is a fail. But who knows!

  5. PPC Coach

    PPC Coach Administrator Staff Member

    UPDATE: November 22nd, 2017 11:46 am est

    Well I'm calling this a failure. I don't think splitting by individual age ranges works. Now it could be because I set the daily budget too low, maybe $6.50 is too low to make it work. It could also be the audience, but the one I used has profited in the past. So I'm calling this a failure. Oh well on to the next! (That's why I do these to see what's working and what's not).



  6. Drew

    Drew New Member

    I just finish doing a similar test. definitely not as in depth but similar.

    The AdSets that have been working great for me are targeted for people in the 45+ range. One thing I've come to realize its that people that actually call or become lead have not been anybody that is 65+ ... To maximize on budget and have a better targeting I ran the same AdSets on a 10 Stack (5 Stacks for Male and 5 for Females) with the only difference that now I'm targeting only people from 45 to 64.

    Sadly, I wasn't able to pick up any leads from that. Have 3 ads left running right now that have not hit the spending limit expecting to get a Lead while I do some research on "Audience Insights" building up target audiences that could work in my niche.

    Here's a screenshot :)

  7. PPC Coach

    PPC Coach Administrator Staff Member

    Time of year, (Black Friday tomorrow) and you're splitting by larger age ranges, (which is cool).

    The test I ran was one year per ad set. I've ran those in the past and got the same result but wanted to try it again.

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