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    Hello and welcome to the Introduce Yourself section of the forums! I thought before we dive in, let's get to know each other a bit. I'll start and then you will later in your first "assignment".

    My History

    I started selling stuff online back in 2004 using Yahoo Overture at the time. I was selling secured loan leads to banks in the United Kingdom. Times were great. People were filling out 90+ field forms and banks were paying big bucks for these leads. I had a network of sites I was running to collect these leads and driving 100% of the traffic with pay per click marketing. I decided to expand beyond Yahoo Overture and started tinkering with Google Adwords. This was 2004 and I found Adwords to be even MORE profitable then Overture was!

    I thought the gravy train would never end. I thought I could sell leads for the rest of my life and even considered starting up a new company to provide the loans. I had big plans. Well that all came crashing down in 2007. The credit crisis spread around the globe and all of the sudden my leads were no longer wanted! The banks had tightened their credit criteria so much that only people with the most pristine credit rating could even get one. That meant my income went from awesome to crappola within 2 weeks. At the time I had my third daughter about to be born and I went into panic mode.

    My income dried up. I was no longer making the big bucks. I recall telling my wife back in 2006 that I had to quit my day job, (I worked at TD Waterhouse at the time), in order to maximize my income with the leads. She looked at me like I was nuts. But it was the truth. December 31st 2006 was my last shift as an employee. I became 100% self employed and selling loan leads was my bread and butter. To have the gravy train dry up and disappear will put a lot of grey hair on your head.

    Moving on, I decided to utilize the knowledge and experience I had gained to show other people how to use paid traffic from Google Adwords and other sources to make money online. I turned to CPA, (Cost Per Action), Marketing and was still doing a variation of selling leads now. BUT the joy I got from training others in how to make money with paid traffic was the best feeling ever. It was even better the money I was making. SO I opened up my flagship coaching site: back in September of 2007. (the site you're on now)

    That site was a hit back then and got very popular. It was the first of its kind and I was living the life again! I was making a massive amount of money every month and unfortunately I was spending it just as quickly. New house? Sure why not. Two vehicles paid for with cash? Yeah why not. Oh how about I open up my own CPA network? Sure may as well. Times were once again GREAT. Life was good and nothing could stop me.

    Well, Google could. Google decided one fall to shut down, (like ban completely), over 10,000 affiliate marketers. Now most of those people who got banned were members of my coaching site on how to use paid traffic. That hurt me big time. I had been in talks with a broker to sell PPC Coach at the time for $2,000,000. My membership was solid. The income was awesome and I was well on my way to retiring before I turned 35. Well the deal fell through because my membership numbers started dropping. The bulk of my content and training had focussed on Google Adwords, but how can you train anyone to use them when people are banned from even opening an account with them! That was a huge blow. Since my income was dropping so fast, I had to rely on my CPA campaigns to keep me going. I also started some other partnerships with other marketers on a few other coaching sites. They worked ok but nothing like my PPC coach baby.

    Finally back in December of 2013, I had started chatting with a now buddy of mine. He is a super smart marketer and I credit him with introducing me to this t-shirt business online. I was blown away that not only were people buying t-shirts but they were buying them from ads placed on Faebook of all places! I had been using Facebook for a while already, (amongst lots of other traffic sources), so I thought I'd give it a shot. Well a little over a year later, I past 17,000 shirts sold! I love it and still do it daily as one of my main sources of income.

    But something was missing. While I do enjoy the challenge of creating something from nothing then watching it prosper with my knowledge and experience, I was missing the human interaction and satisfaction I used to get all the time from my other coaching site. So one night, (over a couple beers in the hot tub), I had one of those light bulb moments and decided to open up this very site. BUT I decided to do it differently from what I have done in the past. I used to put up a bunch of methods and training videos and people would watch them to learn then ask questions. That's all fine and dandy but I wanted something different.

    I wanted to help others while challenging myself. That's what PPC Coach is now to me. I want to help people with Facebook Ads more than anything because that's my bread and butter at the moment.

    Now it's your turn. Please start a new thread in this section with your own introduction. You don't have to go as nuts as I did, but I wanted you to get to know me a bit. The more you tell us about yourself the better! After that go pop into other intro threads and say hello to your fellow members. We are all in this boat together!
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    Hey Will ! That's a very encouraging and inspiring story, thank you so much for sharing that.
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    Great story man. The internet is a wild place. Cheers to the future!
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    Awesome story man! Looking forward to learning from everyone!
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to working with this group
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    Hi Will. I am just starting a new CPA marketing business and I will be using FB as my traffic source to start my journey. I am wondering if the information on your website and these forums is applicable to CPA marketing or is it just meant for promoting physical goods (such as Gearbubble)? Thanks. Sorry if this is posted in an inappropriate section of the forum - I'm new here.

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