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In this interview we chat with Travis Petelle.  He’s the man behind several Shopify stores as well as  I love how Travis has pretty much mastered the outsourcing and hiring of employees in house.  Personally I think in house is the best way to go if you can.  When people are working for you right there, they tend to produce a bit more and that’s a good thing.  He offers lots of great answers to the 10 questions and I think you’ll enjoy this interview with him.  If you liked it, post in the comments!  🙂

In this video, we walk through the recent update on Shopify which allows you to place your pixel id in one spot now.  This saves some custom coding but I don’t think it’s complete yet.  I’m sticking to my old way with my little script that allows me to create custom conversions.  I don’t see that ability in this update, but maybe it’s in the works with them.  Please post any questions or comments below.  🙂

In this last video in the series, I’m showing you how I scale the campaign.  There’s a pitch for the necklace blueprint course at the end of the video but I hope you have got a lot of value out of this.  The system is now in place for you to follow and I hope that I can help you with it.  If you do have any questions then please do post them in the comments below!  Thanks for watching.  🙂


In this video, (2 of 4), I show how to research some ideas to put on necklaces.  Anybody can do this, it’s not that hard.  The hard part is doing it consistently, that’s where most struggle.  However have a look at this video where I walk through some ideas and places you can use to find design ideas to promote.  Enjoy!  If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.

In this big hitter interview I chat with Don Wilson, the owner of  Don does about  $1,000,000 a month now on his site and has created a lot of income for a lot of people, (me included).  He offers some great insights into business and his down to earth attitude is what I like best about the guy.  This is a great interview and I’m sure you’ll gain something from it.  Enjoy!




I have never made a post like this one before on my blog. This has nothing to with Facebook Ads or Google Adwords or Shopify.  This is hard for me but I want others to learn from one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made in my life. This mistake has cost me, my ex-wife and my kids heartache beyond heartache. Before I get into the lesson, let’s go back in time.

2004 was a great year. I remember kicking ass and taking names. I was pulling in $80,000 some months simply by collecting loan leads on the internet and selling them to banks and loan companies in the United Kingdom. (Yes I am Canadian and live in Canada but with the internet that doesn’t matter at all, you can sell anything to anyone worldwide.) Times were good. Money was flowing in, I was dominating Yahoo Overture, (Yahoo’s version of Adwords back then now a part of Bing), I could never seem to make a mistake. Well I was making one.

I was obessed with making MORE money. I felt that as the bread winner in my household my job was to pay the bills and make sure we had enough money to do whatever the hell we wanted to do. I thought that as the husband and father, that was my job. Unfortunately I was wrong. I would spend late nights on my computer trying to make MORE money. I thought that by putting in so many hours, I was doing what a man was supposed to do.

My “job” was to be there for my wife and kids. That didn’t mean just be a provider. That meant BE THERE FOR THEM. I was raised without a father, (he left when I was very young and died when he was in his 50’s). That meant I had no male figure in my life to mentor me and show me what it means to be a real man. I’m not making excuses, I know there’s so many others out there that grew up with in a divorced household, I made my choices and I live with them.

I see so many young guys and even some older guys who think that “grinding” and “hustling” for 12+ hours per day is some kind of badge of honor. It’s not. It is a perfect way to end up divorced, (if you’re married). The thing is your spouse wants time with you, they don’t give a crap about how much money you made or didn’t make that day. They just want to be with you. Time is one thing money will never be able to buy and the more time we spend on our business, the less time we spend with our friends and family.

I made the mistake of allocating my time incorrectly. This cost me a marriage. I don’t want it to cost anyone else out there. If you’re spending more time on your computer working versus with your family, then you need a kick in the pants. Life is not about who makes the most or who dies with the most toys, it’s about creating great memories with your kids. It’s about spending time with your loved ones. I’m not perfect and still working on this, but I know it’s wrong when I’m on my computer for an excessive amount of time now. I know that when my little girl comes and has something she wants to tell me that I should give her my full attention. I know that card games or chess or board games are important to them. (I find them boring but that doesn’t matter, it’s time spent with them that they remember). I know that making sure I’m at every school function they have is vital. I know that driving them to school and picking them up every day means something to them. They know I’m here for them no matter what and will remember these simple things that I’m trying to make sure I do for them as much as I can.

My oldest 2 daughters got screwed. Their father was an idiot when they were young. I spent so much time and energy focused on making money when they were young that I didn’t make time for them. I am trying to make that up now. My youngest 2 daughters have benefitted from my mistakes a bit more. Now that I have custody 50/50 I spend way more quality time with them then I did before. Like I said I’m not perfect still and still do fall back into the “grind and hustle” fallacy once in a while, but I’m aware that I can’t do that like I used to.

Sorry for the long post, but if you’re a guy, (or girl), who is working all the time and you honestly think that’s going to benefit your marriage, then I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, you’re heading down a path that you do not want to go. Snap out of it and re-prioritize your life. Working is great, money is great but nobody gives a shit when you’re 6 feet under how many hours you spent working on your campaigns. Get up and go give your wife or husband or kids a hug and tell them you love them. Ask them what they want to do and give them your full attention when you do. Don’t check stats on your phone, don’t answer emails or check texts when you’re with them.

If you’re in a new marriage your partner will tolerate this for a couple years, but then the resentment will start growing. Eventually they will seek the attention they used to get from you from someone else. It happens all the time and yet nobody really says anything about it. I am divorced because I was a complete idiot. The good thing about complete idiots is sometimes they can learn from their mistakes. I hope you can from mine.

This is a new course from the #2 sellers on the Gearbubble right now.  I’m in the top seller category there too, (not sure what my ranks is though) and went through this course for you in the video above.  I like it.  I have my own Gearbubble course teaching how to sell necklaces online as well but this course is lower priced and packed with value too.  (Mine is Necklace Blueprint).  Anyhow, check out the review, then go here:

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In this bigger hitter interview we chat with Phil Kyprianou, he’s a big online marketer based on Montreal, (just up the road from me).  He drops some great golden nuggets and advice for anyone to benefit from.  Phil is also running an “IM Summer Camp”, you can check that out too here:  Enjoy!

Again if you have anyone you think should be interviewed, let me know!  I love chatting with the big hitters, they motivate and are doing what most of us cannot.  These interviews prove, that yeah, they’re just human too after all, not some cyborgs who can dominate because of some super hero abilities.

new-video-section Oops I did it again! PPC Coach is never going to be “finished”, I’m on a mission to constantly update the training, coaching and tools you get. I have updated a lot of the site recently including a lot of new features. The main feature is the new menu system which allows for the easiest access to the MOUNTAIN of content on the site. I’ve made all the videos searchable by keyword. This will save an enormous amount of time for you when trying to find any training videos on the site. There are 160+ videos currently.

Next I added all 77 training lessons to the database and made those fully searchable by keyword. It’s a really cool system. But I’m not done yet. I’m adding in every guide, pdf and tutorial into the searchable database to make those very easy to find as well. It’s all thanks to the ajax table code and the mysql database that I implemented in the site. This means finding training/lessons & or videos is easier then ever.

Like I said I’m not done though. I’m adding in the business edition which is meant for people who have their own products or services to promote. I’m continuing training affiliate and cpa marketers but I have have had several requests over the years to do the business training too. So it’s now part of the program. Case studies and business dedicated training is coming too. I am re-energized with the site more then ever now. It’s a huge resource and making everything so simple to find has motivated even more then usual to add more awesome training.

So what’s coming?

new-menu-systemWell here’s a little screenshot of the new menu system. It’s a mega menu with drop downs and leads to all the material on the site. It even includes links to the specific section on the forum where you can ask for help.

The update will be never ending but we are open for business again. I will be adding in more videos, more lessons and more tools. I also have top secret plans for a system that no other site has. Since we are a coaching site and training site, this program will be something you have never seen. It will accelerate your success rate BIG TIME. More to come on that.

If you haven’t checked us out in a while then please come on in and say hello!