1on1 Coaching

Thanks for your interest in 1on1 Coaching.  If we have a spot available we can see if you’re a good fit.  To find that out, please send an email to ppccoach@gmail.com now.  Let us know what you’ve done so far, what you want to do and what your timeline expectations are for getting to your goal.  We will chat via email and if we think we can help you, we will move forward, if not, no worries.  🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

What Am I Buying Here?

You’re buying a few things with your investment into 1on1 coaching.  First you’re buying our undivided attention to get your profitable as fast as we can.  Second you’re buying TIME which is the most valuable commodity on the planet, (we all have a finite amount of it).  Third you’re buying almost 2 decades of online expertise and success guiding you with a plan that is custom to you.

How Many Sessions?

We will be doing 12 zoom calls over a 6 week period.  In those calls we will be sharing screens and going into extreme detail on setting everything up for your own personal success with your shop.  Everyone is different and at a different level so we customize these calls to YOU personally.

Why $5,000?

There are 2 main reasons.  First we value our time.  We can spend it working on our own stuff and make a lot more.  BUT we like to help people and seeing YOU succeed is just as rewarding to us.  Second, this price point means you are SERIOUS.  It means you are going to do whatever it takes to make the back AND MORE.  THAT is the type of person we want to coach 1on1.

Why Show Me The Price Now?

We know what every other big coaching program will force you to “hop on a call” to really dig into your pain points and give you a high pressure close.  We have been on the other end of those “strategy sessions” and did NOT like it one bit.  So we refuse to do that to you.  We are straight shooters and putting our 1on1 price up front just feels right.

What Is The Refund Policy?

There isn’t one.  If you’re investing this much money and we are putting in that much time into your success we are not offering a refund.  If that is your state of mind, do not send us an email asking any questions about the 1on1 coaching, we are not interested in working with you.  Our history and reputation online is pretty solid.  We are not making any outlandish promises except one.  We will do EVERYTHING in our power to get you profitable.

How Do I Apply?

Well that’s test #1 failed.  If you didn’t read the very first paragraph at the top of this page then you go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect your $200.  You apply by emailing us at ppccoach@gmail.com with the 3 things we asked above.  🙂