About Us

Who is PPC Coach?  Well it’s me Will Haimerl.

SO who the heck am I? Well I am just a guy with 5 kids who loves working at home in his underwear!  I am an entrepreneur first and foremost.  I use places like Facebook and Google to buy traffic and send it to my products and stores.  Currently ecommerce is my main area of focus.  I sell people things online by putting ads up on Facebook.

I also own this site and have since September of 2007 when I launched it.  I started this site back then to help people learn how to use Google Adwords and *gasp* Yahoo Overture at the time.  I’ve trained well over 10,000 marketers since opening.

My main business is ecommerce but I also do coaching, helping others learn how to buy traffic from Facebook & Google.

Anyhow, that’s a bit about me, Will Haimerl, I’m an expert paid traffic guy who has been working online since 2004.  I guess I’m kind of an “grandpa” now considering how many young pups are up and coming in this world online.  BUT I love what I do, love helping people and don’t consider this a job at all.

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