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Who is PPC Coach? What is this website with the weird name?  Well it’s me Will Haimerl.

SO who the heck am I?  Well I am just a Canadian guy with 5 kids who loves working at home in his underwear!  I am “unemployable” at this point of my life.  Meaning I can never work for someone else again.  I have always been an entrepreneur.  

Now I have 2 aspects to my online business that pays the bills, will put my kids through college and helps keep the wife happy.  My main love is helping people become successful online.  I do that through my coaching, courses, bootcamps and enjoy that aspect of my business the most by far.  The second aspect is actually running online stores, selling products on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and directly through print on demand companies such as my favorite, Gearbubble.

I know the old saying goes: “those who can’t do teach”.  But not this guy.  I have a proven track record and am not like the fly by night people who have one big success then instantly start up a course on it.  I’ve been doing this while most of those other “gurus” were in diapers.

Anyhow that’s a bit about me.  I’m an expert in paid traffic.  I’ve been working online since 2004 and went full time January 1st, 2007.  I have trained well over 10,000 online marketers since starting and love every minute of it.  

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