How Much Budget Do I Need To Run Facebook Or Google Ads?

I get this question all the time. “How much do Facebook Ads cost?” “How much do google ads cost?” And even “How much do money do I need as a daily budget to make Facebook ads or Google ads work?

This video explains it all in detail.

You can start advertising on Facebook ads or Google ads with as little or as much as you want. If you start slow, say $5 per day, you will move very slowly. That means it may take you a couple days to even get a sale. If you have the patience for that then that’s awesome. However most do not. They get a little bit antsy and want to pause ads too quickly.

I see that all the time too.

Pausing an ad set or ad too fast can be quitting 2 feet from the finish line. Don’t do that. Set aside enough daily budget to make it work and give your campaign a good chance at success. If you’re selling a low ticket item, say a necklace, and the revenue generated to you is $20, then you need to spend at least $20 to make your first sale. At $5 per day that could take 4 days.

As you spend gain some sales, you can always reinvest your money back into your campaigns to move faster. This is called ad spend velocity.  The more you spend the faster your campaigns will move.  It does take some experience and confidence to move up to the higher daily budgets.  I always suggest you start slow and gradually increase your daily budget as you see some success.

One thing that is always ignored with paid traffic is the emotional rollercoaster you will go on.  It can get pretty intense.  That’s why moving slowly at first is best when starting out with Facebook Ads or Google Ads.  Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean. Any questions? Let’s hear them!

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