Facebook Ad Experiments

Ever wonder what is working RIGHT NOW with Facebook Ads? So do I and so does everyone else I coach. Experiments are the way to determine with concrete evidence what works and what doesn’t. Some techniques have worked for years, then Facebook will change their algorithm on us and that method no longer works. If you only rely on one method to run your Facebook Ads then you will be in trouble.

That’s why I’m big on Facebook Ad experiments and that’s why I’ve added a section to the forums dedicated to this. I want to PROVE what works and what doesn’t with my own money. I’m putting my money where everyone elses mouth is. (That didn’t flow right!).

Anyhow, not only do I run experiments all the time, but now I’m documenting them and the results right in the forums. The best part is you too can run your own Facebook Ad experiments, document them and share the results with the community. How much would that help you master Facebook Ads?

If you’re not a member of the forums yet, I have to ask why? Get in there and let’s run hundreds of these together. The end goal is making sure everyone is running their ads with techniques and methods that work RIGHT NOW, not five years ago. How does that sound to you?

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