Facebook Ads Automated Rules

I am pumped! Facebook just released one of their best updates yet. This is what I’ve been waiting for for a long time. Every morning I used to have to login to my ad account and start going through each ad set turning off any ad set that wasn’t profitable. Well this was starting to take well over an hour of my day and was getting kind of annoying to do. It was not motivating me to scale with more and more ad sets because I was adding to my mind numbing work.

This changes it all. Now when I want to scale the crap out of a campaign I can and hand the reins to Facebook to manage it properly for me! This is so awesome I am so pumped. (I know I already said that.) LOL

Check out the video on how to automate rules with your Facebook ad account. IF you do not have this in your account yet, they are rolling it out soon to everyone. Be patient and I’m sure it will show in yours soon too. Do you love this as much as I do? Post in the comments below if you do!

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  • Hi Will,

    Thanks for this video. This new functionality is very useful and interesting, but can we trust it 100%?

    I explain what I mean :

    Maybe I’m too suspicious, but when we create for example a rule that FB must stop the adsets with a CPM higher than $20,
    will this information not be misused by FB? Since they know they have to stop the adsets with a CPM higher than $20,
    now they know they can easily charge us $19, while they would normally have charged only $14 for example.

    I think it’s a knife that cuts on both sides. It’s an easy function to use, but on the other hand you give also useful information to Facebook that they can use to charge us more.

    Or am I wrong here?



  • OD

    Hi Will,

    Sorry to post here but trying to contact you via the 1 on 1 coaching link didn’t seem to be working. I’m very much interested in it…

    Is there an email i can catch you on to discuss further?