How I Sold 1,526 Necklaces Video 1 of 4

This video is 1 of 4 in which I show how I sold 1,526 necklaces online.  I put this together as a training video that I was going to use for other purposes but thought I’d share it on my blog for everyone instead.  The details are all in there but there’s 3 other videos to watch as well.  Enjoy!



  • Bill Clay

    where is the next video
    how did you target mothers of policeman- thats hard

    • Will

      Hi Bill,

      Yes it’s not easy, I went with “police” interests and targeted females who were parents. 🙂

  • Victor

    @disqus_uriQNmLjOb:disqus Your teespring account is but is on sale at

    Another thing is: your “police-mom” Gearbubble campaign is still on with 1554 necklaces solid and ends on October 16, 2016. At the time of publishing this video (which was 10 months ago in January 2016), you sold 1526 necklaces. The numbers are very similar.

    Just expressing my doubts, that’s all!

    • Will

      Chasing Trends was a company I partnered with a while back. I am not longer associated with them now. That necklace has not been promoted since because once you show people online anything that works, they immediately run out and copy it. I knew that when I shot the video that people would copy it.

      Feel free to doubt, that’s up to you. That necklace is not even close to my biggest one. 🙂