Tshirt Coach Beta Members Wanted


Are you working with teespring trying to sell tshirts? Are you struggling trying to do this? You’re not alone. That’s why PPC Coach is very proud to announce the launch of their newest sister site called “Tshirtcoach.com”. It is the place to learn how to successfully sell tshirt online.

So what’s up with the screenshot?

Well this is one campaign that is currently running and doing very very well.  I used to listen to everyone who said that you cannot sell anything using Facebook Ads because people on just on Facebook to socialize.  They’re not buyers, they’re just hanging out.  Man do I ever wish I could go back in time about 3 years and kick myself!

This screenshot is from a Facebook Ads campaign running to a tshirt.  I’m using teespring.com as my supplier and I decided to open up a sister site to PPC Coach to show everyone else how to do it too!  So my newest baby, Tshirt Coach is now in beta mode.  Why beta?  Well I need to make sure that all the systems I put together are working perfectly before doing the grand opening.  But that doesn’t mean members don’t get a ton of training and coaching already.

In fact there are now 2 training courses on there.  One dealing with Facebook Ads and another dealing with how to use Google Adwords to sell tshirts online.  The Adwords training is something no one else is offering, (mainly because no one else knows how to do it like I do).  If you’ve been a member of PPC Coach at any time in the past 8 years, (can’t believe we’re 8 years old), then you’ll  know that you’re going to get nothing but top notch training and coaching on my TshirtCoach.com site.

I’m looking to take anyone who is struggling with teespring and tshirt selling to profitability.  So if you’re struggling, then you need to check us out and join now!


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