Adtrap Is A Threat To Internet Marketers?

10-5-2013 6-24-35 PMSo there’s this neat little gizmo now that is supposed to block all ads from showing on your computer or whatever device is connected to your wireless network that has Adtrap connected to it. Sounds good right? I’m doubtful. I do think it can block ads, I mean it’s just intercepting them, that’s nothing new and pop up blockers have been doing that for ages. But this is what they say on their website:

Simply put, AdTrap is a small, zero configuration device that removes ads from your Internet connection before they reach any of your home devices. Video, music streams and mobile apps and websites, all ad free. AdTrap works with any browser and all of your connected WiFi devices. You can also connect AdTrap directly between your computer and the wall/switch (work, hotel, conference room). AdTrap also works with all- -in-one modem/routers provided by your Internet provider.

There’s been some discussion about it being the end all for internet marketers. I don’t think so. Ads are just one way that marketers use to advertise. There are plenty of other mediums still available and I seriously think there is nothing to worry about. It seems to be a good idea. The biggest issue I think with Adtrap is their target market is the non-techie and the type that does not want to pay for anything. I can’t see this product flying off the shelves. Sure some might buy it, (I never would), but I can’t see how a physical product that has to be hooked up to a wireless network can ever be popular.

Maybe I’ll be wrong, it’s happened before. However I think it’s kind of a gimmick trying to prey on the non-techie world. So buy it or don’t, won’t affect me and I’m not promoting this thing at all nor am I affiliated with them. I did however send them a contact request asking if they have an affiliate program. I thought it would be funny to advertise and Adtrap using banner ads on websites!