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I like to code.  I wrote my own tracker that members can and do use daily.  I’ve always had big plans for it and have always liked the coding side of things.  Last week I was considering redoing the whole tracker and adding in a bunch of features like bid management and auto optimization.  As I dug into some research, I realized what I already kind of knew.  In order for a system or tool to work, you simply MUST have api access to the advertisers back end.  Other wise it’s hacking together curl scripts to fill out forms automatically for you.  Forms which change almost weekly so your tool must be constantly adjusted.  Not to mention that you don’t really have permission from the advertising platform to even do this.  The most recent tool to fall victim to this was the Facebook Ads Tool.  Maybe they shouldn’t have put “Facebook” in the name of the tool and it could have flew under the radar a bit longer, but they didn’t and the tool died.  (I even gave back 100% of my commission on that tool for PPC Coach members when they bought it.  That gave them almost 50% off the normal price).

So I was at a fork in the road.  Develop my own tool or find one that my members can use that already does everything I want.  I decided to find some existing tools.  The tools do exist.  BUT they’re meant for agencies and large advertisers who are doing huge monthly spends.  The tool companies don’t really want to bother with support for the little guy as it eats into their profits.  That’s ok and that’s why this site is such a good match for any tool out there.  I already train and support the members so adding in a tool and providing training and support for it is just business as usual for me.  By pooling together the spend of each member under a single account, we can now have a mega account that is very attractive now to the tool company.

So I got demos of each tool and found the one that I think is the best of the bunch.  The one I found has everything including:

  • bulk ad upload via the facebook api
  • bulk ad editing
  • true auto optimization based on either CPA, ROI or Conversion Rate (This is the biggest selling feature as it truely puts campaigns on auto pilot)
  • day parting
  • and a couple other nice features

So I signed the contract and we’re off to the races.  This new tool will be going live for members probably first or second week of December.  It will be for members only and it will allow everyone to produce more campaigns, better campaign management then they could do manually and allow them to profit faster.  Now the tool is awesome, but it’s not a cash printing machine.  Members will still need training and support and that’s why the tool and PPC coach are a perfect match.  FINALLY the little guy is going to get access to the same tool that the big boys use.  This tool is something they would not be able to get on their own, unless they’re doing $200,000 per month spend already.

So stay tuned.  I will post more details as the tool launch date is solidified.  Again it is for members of PPC Coach only and if you want access, you need to sign up and become a member.  Remember you read it here first and PPC Coach was the first one to take this innovative route.