Facebook Custom Audiences Training

facebook-ads2It seems there is a lot of confusion out there about Facebook Ads and tools that gather user ids. I wanted to try to offer my opinion to reduce some of the confusion out there. A large product launched recently and was subsequently shut down by Facebook. I do not know the details as I do not know the product owner, so please keep that in mind. This is is just my opinion of what happened. The tool in question seemed to scrape Facebook results to gather user ids of people who liked pages. Then you could create a list of emails of those people and even invite them to like your page. It’s a very cool tool but unfortunately it broke Facebook’s terms of service.

The confusion comes because people think you cannot use custom audiences with Facebook Ads anymore. The truth is you can, but you have to follow their rules. Their rules can and do change quite a bit too, so a tool that might work today could possibly be shut down tomorrow. The key thing is that if you use their systems as they want you to use their system, you should be fine. There are no guarantees in life so do not take my word as gospel. I don’t own Facebook, (wish I did!), so it’s not my call.

Anyhow, I do have training and my own tool that gathers user ids of groups that are OPEN only. The other tool would gather private and secret group ids which was a big “no-no” to Facebook. SO my tool is trying it’s best to play within the ground rules set by Facebook. The whole point of it is to get your targeting as specific as possible. When you do this, you have less impressions of your ads, but you end up with an far better click through rate. When you have a high click through rate, Facebook will reward you with a lower cost. That’s where my training and tool come into play. Once you find an open group on facebook in your niche, you can have your ads show to those people. (Those people should be more engaged and accepting of your offer if it matches their needs).

This is a win for you, (lower costs), and a big win for Facebook, (more efficient use of their bandwidth and more money for more clicks!). So here’s my training:

Facebook Custom Audiences Training & Tool

It’s a video training series and a custom tool that is available right here on the PPC Coach site. This can be used for CPA marketing campaigns, Affiliate marketing campaigns and list building on Facebook. If you have your own product or service, have at it too!


This tool could be shut down at any moment if Facebook changes their API. So use it while you can!