Will Haimerl

Will Haimerl

Will HaimerlWho is Will Haimerl? Well it’s me. I did what a lot of people do and I googled my name the other day. I found lots of results and a couple were kind of negative! So I thought I’d do a quick test and see if I can rank this post for my own name. The two sites that are “hating” on me are not that bad, just two people’s opinions. One is from a blogger who does nothing, (or did nothing as I’m not even sure if he’s still around), but hate on people to get traffic to his blog. The other was from a guy who used to be my friend but apparently doesn’t or didn’t really like me anymore.

(The second was from 2009 but good ole Google is still showing the results when my name is googled).

I’m not upset about others ranking for my name, it’s no big deal, it happens. I’m just doing this post as an experiment to see if I can rank for the term “Will Haimerl”, which I feel I should because it’s my name and there’s no other Will Haimerl’s in the world that I know of! (That’s the benefit of having a very unique name I suppose). If my name were Bob Smith, it might be far more difficult to rank for your own site and blog.

SO who the heck am I? Well I own this site and have since September of 2007. We just recently turned 5 years old in September of this year. I’ve trained well over 10,000 marketers during that period and have multiple websites. Some are dedicated to training others and coaching them, others are dedicated to nothing except providing free information to the masses. I think I am well over 150 websites at this point but that’s not my main business.

My main business is coaching. I do it here and I do it on my lastest venture: That Weight Loss Guy. On there I show how I lost 100 lbs in 106 days, averaging a loss of 6.6 lbs per week for a little over 15 weeks. THat site is growing nicely. I’ve taken all my experience with coaching online and applied it to the weight loss niche! The goal of that site is to help 1,000,000 people lose weight. IT’s a huge issue. It was for me. My “job”, (I call it that even though I work for myself), involves sitting on my butt in front of a computer. So doing that will slow your metabolism to a snails pace. (It did for me.) Now I’ve become very active again, working out 3 times per week and running 3 times per week as well. I take one day off for rest.

Anyhow, that’s a bit about me, Will Haimerl. Let’s see if google does it’s thing now and ranks this post above all the others. It’ll be an interesting experiment at least.