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group-coaching-live-case-studiesWhat the heck is this?

You know how you buy a course and it’s great for the particular snapshot in time?  What they show in the course does work (typically), but it’s only one moment in time that they’re showing.  That’s a big drawback.  What if you can learn by watching someone do something LIVE?  That’s what PPC Coach v2.0 is all about.

For the past couple years now I’ve been selling physical products of all kinds, mugs, necklaces, t-shirts, hoodies, earrings and more.  I’ve been selling them by using Facebook ads to promote my products.  I’ve done this via my own stores online and via platforms like Gearbubble, Teespring & Represent.  I’ve gotten pretty good at it and do make a very decent living doing only that full time.  But something was wrong.

I’ve always loved this site.  I opened it in 2007 and it’s been my favorite site that I’ve ever created.  At one point I had over 1,000 members here.  It was so fulfilling to be a part of so many people having so much success.  In fact it seems to be even more fulfilling versus running things on my own without doing any coaching.  So a little over a month ago, I started offering a few people some 1on1 coaching.  I got bit by the “coaching” bug again!

I decided to re-open PPC Coach as version 2.0.  Bigger, stronger, better than ever.

I am going to put my money where my mouth is.  I’m going to do live case studies as if I’m starting out brand new in the business.  You will see me struggle.  You will see me fail multiple times and you will see me eventually succeed.  Each month I’ll start a new live case study.  Every couple days I’ll post an update on the coaching forums showing my progress.  You can watch, you can participate and you will benefit by watching me FAIL.

Why am I so keen on saying I’m going to fail?  It’s simple.  Everytime you fail, you are one step closer to success.  All those fancy screenshots you see from people selling their latest course never show how many failures went into that success.  I’m on a mission to change people’s perspectives and give them a HUGE does of reality right here on the group coaching forums.  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  I’m going to be taking a lot of shots.

Think of a baseball player.  Do you think they can step up to the plate and hit a homerun every time they’re at bat?  Nope, not a single one can.  Even the guys who can hit the odd homerun don’t do it often.  But do you know how many swings they’ve taken over the years to perfect their swing as best as possible?  Hundreds of thousands of swings go into that one at bat for them.  Look at their batting averages, NOBODY hits 1.00.  In fact 0.300 is a really really good batting average!

Think of basketball and the best player on the planet at the moment.  Steph Curry has taken and made more 3 point shots then any human alive.  Do you think that’s why he can shoot from anywhere and the opposing players have to guard him the second he steps over half court now?  It’s not God given talent that has earned him 2 MVP awards in a row in the NBA, it’s hard work and taking more shots then anybody else.

Think of a gold miner up in the Yukon, (then I swear I’ll stop giving you analogies!), they have to mine hundreds of thousands of tons of DIRT to find a couple ounces of gold.  They use gigantic machines, bull dozers, excavators, wash plants, rock trucks and long hours to move literally mountains all to find ounces of gold.  That’s what we are on this site.  We are online gold miners.  We have to sift through a lot of tests to find the good stuff.  And when we do we make a good deal of money.

So if you’ve ever thought there was something not quite right about the courses you’ve bought in the past, if you’ve ever felt there was more to it, you’re right.  There is a lot more to it and I’m going to show you the dirty side.  If you’re game, then click the button below to join now and I’ll see you on the members only group coaching forums that are getting into full swing as we speak!

Click Here For Details

keep-calm-new-stuff-coming-soonWe have a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes here at the site.  We’ve been around since September of 2007 and started out with a membership based program where you could buy a subscription to our members only forums and get training and support there.  Well times they are a changin’ and we are adapting to these changes.

We’ve found now that most people who want to learn online really like taking online courses.  Which is why we are putting together some of the top online marketing courses ever.  We are covering Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Bing Ads to start.  These will all be delivered immediately through a new delivering system we are utilizing.

This means you can select the topic you want to learn and get access to it immediately.  Our courses will be self study ones where you go at your own pace.  Most of them will be 100% video including a lot of over the shoulder walk throughs.  One big thing we have experienced over the years is how often the backend systems of Facebook, Google and Bing change!  They seem to be constantly tinkering with their dashboards.  That makes it tough for sites like this to keep up but we are doing our best to update all videos constantly with all the new changes.

One other aspect of online marketing that has really evolved dramatically over the past couple years is the ability to remarket or retarget people online.  That means sites like Facebook and Google can show your ads to people who have clicked on your ads before!  This is the most powerful way to market online bar none.  People who have already shown an interest in your product or service are much more likely to buy versus people who have never heard of you and never clicked on your ads in the past.  There are some powerful systems to work with now and we are right on top of that!  In fact, if you’ve been to this site before, odds are we have YOU on one of our own retargeting campaigns right now!

Lastly we are not only providing premium courses for you but will be providing more free articles and videos than ever on the site.  We want to give back to all the people who have been through our training in the past and future.  We have had well over 10,000 members since 2007 and are coming back now with a vengeance of premium and free training for everyone!  Our roots are in coaching and since we have so much experience with helping people with their campaigns, we have also added a “Campaign Mechanic” program.  This program is us going into your campaign and FIXING it.  So stay tuned for that as well.

We are very excited for you to see the stuff we are doing and just wanted you to know that new stuff is coming so stay tuned!


Merry Christmas to all!

2013 has been a great year and I wish you and your family a wonderful 2014 and beyond.

PPC Coach is still going strong after all these years. We are in our 6th year now of training, coaching and supporting PPC marketers around the world!

10-5-2013 6-24-35 PMSo there’s this neat little gizmo now that is supposed to block all ads from showing on your computer or whatever device is connected to your wireless network that has Adtrap connected to it. Sounds good right? I’m doubtful. I do think it can block ads, I mean it’s just intercepting them, that’s nothing new and pop up blockers have been doing that for ages. But this is what they say on their website:

Simply put, AdTrap is a small, zero configuration device that removes ads from your Internet connection before they reach any of your home devices. Video, music streams and mobile apps and websites, all ad free. AdTrap works with any browser and all of your connected WiFi devices. You can also connect AdTrap directly between your computer and the wall/switch (work, hotel, conference room). AdTrap also works with all- -in-one modem/routers provided by your Internet provider.

There’s been some discussion about it being the end all for internet marketers. I don’t think so. Ads are just one way that marketers use to advertise. There are plenty of other mediums still available and I seriously think there is nothing to worry about. It seems to be a good idea. The biggest issue I think with Adtrap is their target market is the non-techie and the type that does not want to pay for anything. I can’t see this product flying off the shelves. Sure some might buy it, (I never would), but I can’t see how a physical product that has to be hooked up to a wireless network can ever be popular.

Maybe I’ll be wrong, it’s happened before. However I think it’s kind of a gimmick trying to prey on the non-techie world. So buy it or don’t, won’t affect me and I’m not promoting this thing at all nor am I affiliated with them. I did however send them a contact request asking if they have an affiliate program. I thought it would be funny to advertise and Adtrap using banner ads on websites!

7-25-2013 1-56-39 PMSo my buddy Jeff is a member of one of my coaching sites.  He’s been diligently doing a daily forever on the site and he’s doing so well with PPV marketing now, it’s guide amazing.  So I asked him if he wanted to put together a guide on PPV marketing and we’d help out a lot of others learn how to do ppv marketing the right way.  For those that don’t know, I ran another coaching site back in 2007 called “ppv coach”, later the name was changed to “cpv coach” and then we folded that into another site called  I have since sold my share of the site but it’s still a solid resource and best thing is it’s free!

Anyhow, my point is I know a bit about PPV/CPV marketing.  The real industry term is CPV, which stands for cost per view but PPV was a term coined by a marketer several years who feels like he invented the internet, internet marketing and thinks he’s some kind of “godfather”.  (I’m sure he’s tried to trademark that term too).  But I digress.  So what exactly is PPV/CPV or whatever you want to call it marketing?

Well it’s adware.  It’s NOT spyware but people get it confused all the time.  Adware is software that people download for free and it pops up those “annoying” ads on your computer.  The thing is it’s legal because you agree to the terms and conditions of the software when you download it.  So what does that mean to you as an affiliate marketer?  Well you can BUY those pop ups and pay per impression.  Then when someone does the offer you’re promoting, you get paid a commission by the CPA network you got the offer from.  Now if you’ve got any experience in this business, that will all make sense to you.  If not, you’re possibly confused a bit.  It’s ok, that’s what this guide can clear up!

So if you’re interested, check it out here:

PPV/CPV Marketing Guide

I didn’t write the guide, but I did review it and I stand behind everything Jeff, (the author), says. So if you’re looking to get into this particular wild ride which is sending ppv/cpv traffic to cpa offers, then you need this. It will fill in the blanks and allow you to get to very big levels of income very quickly. PPV marketing is great way to do things and it’s something that every marketer online should know about.

google-adwordsGoogle Adwords is still the undisputed KING of pay per click marketing and PPC Coach is on it.  I just put added 27 videos totalling over 3 hours worth of training to the members only section of the site.  All members can view this right now by going to this thread in the members only forums: Google Adwords Search & Content Network Training. I am very proud of this training and it’s the most up to date Google Adwords video training you will find.

But Google Hates Affiliates?

While it’s true that Google Adwords does not really like affiliate marketers it’s more because of HOW they blew it with them. It’s always the case in life when a couple bad apples ruin it for everyone. That’s the same thing that happened to Google Adwords and CPA/Affiliate marketers. Google got tired of battling a few that were trying to do things against Google’s terms of service. They got so fed up that they decided it would be easier and more profitable for them to just ban around 10,000 accounts. So they did. That hurt a lot of affiliates, but the business owners and people who own their products and services applauded this move.

Business Owners, Product Owners and Lead Generators Are Welcome!

Google Adwords makes the majority of their money from businesses. They profit from both large and small corporations/businesses. They prefer to work with them. That means the international giants and the mom and pop shops alike. My training can be used for anyone but especially for people who have their own product or service that they want to promote online. The videos walk you through it using an example of one of my own products.

CPA Marketers & Affiliate Marketers CAN STILL USE THEM

If you fall into this category, you can still use Google Adwords, you just have to give them what THEY want instead of what YOU want. That means following their rules. Provide them with unique and useful content that their users will enjoy and you’ll have no issues using Google Adwords. The problem arises when CPA or affiliate marketers get lazy and want to do direct linking or build sub par landing SITES for Google Adwords. They don’t like and will not tolerate it. So it’s simple, give them what they want.

Banned Accounts

Due to some many affiliate marketers getting banned, I get a lot of questions on “how can I get my account back?” The truth is you most likely cannot get THAT account back. But you could open a new account and follow some simple guidelines to ensure the new account does not get banned. Some will run into the roadblock of Google Adwords not accepting anything from them, but it is possible. I had lost my own Google Adwords account at one point because it was clearly an affiliate marketing account. However I do still run things with them because now I know what they want and that’s exactly what I give them.

They actually love me again and if you’re doing what they want you to do, they will go so far as to offer campaign assistance! The horror stories you’ve heard are not all true. Keep that in mind and make sure you check out all the new videos in this newest addition to the massive amount of training and coaching right here on PPC Coach.

facebook-ads2It seems there is a lot of confusion out there about Facebook Ads and tools that gather user ids. I wanted to try to offer my opinion to reduce some of the confusion out there. A large product launched recently and was subsequently shut down by Facebook. I do not know the details as I do not know the product owner, so please keep that in mind. This is is just my opinion of what happened. The tool in question seemed to scrape Facebook results to gather user ids of people who liked pages. Then you could create a list of emails of those people and even invite them to like your page. It’s a very cool tool but unfortunately it broke Facebook’s terms of service.

The confusion comes because people think you cannot use custom audiences with Facebook Ads anymore. The truth is you can, but you have to follow their rules. Their rules can and do change quite a bit too, so a tool that might work today could possibly be shut down tomorrow. The key thing is that if you use their systems as they want you to use their system, you should be fine. There are no guarantees in life so do not take my word as gospel. I don’t own Facebook, (wish I did!), so it’s not my call.

Anyhow, I do have training and my own tool that gathers user ids of groups that are OPEN only. The other tool would gather private and secret group ids which was a big “no-no” to Facebook. SO my tool is trying it’s best to play within the ground rules set by Facebook. The whole point of it is to get your targeting as specific as possible. When you do this, you have less impressions of your ads, but you end up with an far better click through rate. When you have a high click through rate, Facebook will reward you with a lower cost. That’s where my training and tool come into play. Once you find an open group on facebook in your niche, you can have your ads show to those people. (Those people should be more engaged and accepting of your offer if it matches their needs).

This is a win for you, (lower costs), and a big win for Facebook, (more efficient use of their bandwidth and more money for more clicks!). So here’s my training:

Facebook Custom Audiences Training & Tool

It’s a video training series and a custom tool that is available right here on the PPC Coach site. This can be used for CPA marketing campaigns, Affiliate marketing campaigns and list building on Facebook. If you have your own product or service, have at it too!


This tool could be shut down at any moment if Facebook changes their API. So use it while you can!

new-video-section Oops I did it again! PPC Coach is never going to be “finished”, I’m on a mission to constantly update the training, coaching and tools you get. I have updated a lot of the site recently including a lot of new features. The main feature is the new menu system which allows for the easiest access to the MOUNTAIN of content on the site. I’ve made all the videos searchable by keyword. This will save an enormous amount of time for you when trying to find any training videos on the site. There are 160+ videos currently.

Next I added all 77 training lessons to the database and made those fully searchable by keyword. It’s a really cool system. But I’m not done yet. I’m adding in every guide, pdf and tutorial into the searchable database to make those very easy to find as well. It’s all thanks to the ajax table code and the mysql database that I implemented in the site. This means finding training/lessons & or videos is easier then ever.

Like I said I’m not done though. I’m adding in the business edition which is meant for people who have their own products or services to promote. I’m continuing training affiliate and cpa marketers but I have have had several requests over the years to do the business training too. So it’s now part of the program. Case studies and business dedicated training is coming too. I am re-energized with the site more then ever now. It’s a huge resource and making everything so simple to find has motivated even more then usual to add more awesome training.

So what’s coming?

new-menu-systemWell here’s a little screenshot of the new menu system. It’s a mega menu with drop downs and leads to all the material on the site. It even includes links to the specific section on the forum where you can ask for help.

The update will be never ending but we are open for business again. I will be adding in more videos, more lessons and more tools. I also have top secret plans for a system that no other site has. Since we are a coaching site and training site, this program will be something you have never seen. It will accelerate your success rate BIG TIME. More to come on that.

If you haven’t checked us out in a while then please come on in and say hello!

Will Haimerl

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Will Haimerl

Will HaimerlWho is Will Haimerl? Well it’s me. I did what a lot of people do and I googled my name the other day. I found lots of results and a couple were kind of negative! So I thought I’d do a quick test and see if I can rank this post for my own name. The two sites that are “hating” on me are not that bad, just two people’s opinions. One is from a blogger who does nothing, (or did nothing as I’m not even sure if he’s still around), but hate on people to get traffic to his blog. The other was from a guy who used to be my friend but apparently doesn’t or didn’t really like me anymore.

(The second was from 2009 but good ole Google is still showing the results when my name is googled).

I’m not upset about others ranking for my name, it’s no big deal, it happens. I’m just doing this post as an experiment to see if I can rank for the term “Will Haimerl”, which I feel I should because it’s my name and there’s no other Will Haimerl’s in the world that I know of! (That’s the benefit of having a very unique name I suppose). If my name were Bob Smith, it might be far more difficult to rank for your own site and blog.

SO who the heck am I? Well I own this site and have since September of 2007. We just recently turned 5 years old in September of this year. I’ve trained well over 10,000 marketers during that period and have multiple websites. Some are dedicated to training others and coaching them, others are dedicated to nothing except providing free information to the masses. I think I am well over 150 websites at this point but that’s not my main business.

My main business is coaching. I do it here and I do it on my lastest venture: That Weight Loss Guy. On there I show how I lost 100 lbs in 106 days, averaging a loss of 6.6 lbs per week for a little over 15 weeks. THat site is growing nicely. I’ve taken all my experience with coaching online and applied it to the weight loss niche! The goal of that site is to help 1,000,000 people lose weight. IT’s a huge issue. It was for me. My “job”, (I call it that even though I work for myself), involves sitting on my butt in front of a computer. So doing that will slow your metabolism to a snails pace. (It did for me.) Now I’ve become very active again, working out 3 times per week and running 3 times per week as well. I take one day off for rest.

Anyhow, that’s a bit about me, Will Haimerl. Let’s see if google does it’s thing now and ranks this post above all the others. It’ll be an interesting experiment at least.


$25 free 7search ppc coachPPC Coach has teamed up with 7search to get you FREE advertising.  7search is a great PPC platform and we do train our members on how to use it effectively inside our huge members only forums.  We have a method dedicated to using them profitably.  Now you can get $25 in free advertising with them through a special deal we landed.  Click on the image at the left or click this link: PPC Coach 7search $25 free advertising

We know that a lot of PPC marketers might have tried 7search in the past and may have failed, but that’s simply because they were NOT doing it right.  There’s a couple special steps you need to take in managing your campaigns with them and that’s what we show you.

First you must make sure you’re blocking bad sites.  Bad sites are just sites that are not converting for you.  That will depend totally on the campaign you’re running and the niche it’s in.  It doesn’t mean 7search allows bad traffic, it just means that some sites will work with certain niches and others won’t.  So make sure you do that, there’s a special request you have to make and some tracking tokens necessary to do this.

Second is something that a lot of people get confused with.  7search has “click free” traffic from some keywords.  Those keywords still do charge you per click, but click free means exactly that, they’re redirects from broken links based on the keywords you have in your account.  We’ve found that most of the time, these to do not work well for direct marketers.  So we suggest deleting them all from your account.

That’s the two main things, but sometimes it’s best to see all this in action, that’s what we provide on the PPC Coach site.  We almost FORCE our members to take action so that we can coach them, (that’s why we’re called PPC Coach!).  So our members try things, get stuck, get solid advice and guidance, then succeed.  We’ve been doing this coaching for over 4 years now and are getting very good at it.  In fact we got so good at it that a lot of other sites started popping up trying to do what we do.  That’s fine we love competition as it only makes us stronger.

So take advantage of this awesome offer right now by going to this link: $25 7search free advertising  Free money is a great thing and if you’ve got that and our help, you cannot help but succeed!  Please help me by spreading the word about our special deal with 7search, just send people to this post so they can take advantage of the offer as well.  Just to be clear, you do have to deposit $50 in order to get the $25 free, but that’s fair in my mind.  I just want to put that out there so people do not think we’re trying to trick them at all.

If you have any questions, post them and we’ll help you out.  If you’re looking for a great mentor/coach, give our $1 trial a try right now!