Keep Hitting The Wall Until The Wall Is Gone

Life can really suck sometimes, especially when you work online for a living.  It seems that you will continually hit a wall.  That wall can be failure, it can be a product that didn’t work or a course that flopped or a bootcamp that ended up being a turd OR it can be more serious.

Maybe it can some health issues.  Maybe it’s you.  Maybe it’s your family.  For me it currently BOTH.

My mom has COPD because she smoked a pack a day for decades.  She was put on a puffer that she didn’t use and kept smoking “secretly”.  (Although we all knew she was smoking still).  I just drove her home from the hospital after a 1 week stay on oxygen the whole time.  Now she is still on oxygen and struggles to breathe.  Fun times.

For me, I recently learned that I have gallstones after eating some greasy sausages and hamburgers last weekend, I had the worst adominal pain I’ve ever experienced.  I threw up.  It took 4 hours for the pain to go away after popping multiple extra strength tylenol.  I have blood work and an ultrasound scheduled and am hoping they remove my gallbladder.

Now I could just curl up into a ball and say screw it.  I could just stop my business and stop my bootcamps and courses and coaching and stop launching my own products, but that’s not my style.

I’m NOT stopping just because of good excuse to stop.  I plowing forward.  That’s me.  If you put a wall in front of me, I will figure out how to run through it and smash it or die trying.

That’s what seperates people who succeed online from people who fail.  The failures quit at the first sign of trouble.  The others keep moving forward, they deal with the issues that are going to happen and do not let ANYTHING stop them.

The only difference between me and a failure is I’ve FAILED MORE.  I’ve just never stopped failing, do not fear it anymore and know with each failure you are one step closer to success.

I’ve seen way too many people lose motivation because they took a shot at something, it didn’t work so they threw their hands up and ran the other way.  That pisses me off more than anything because I know that if they’d just endure a little bit of failure FIRST, they will succeed.  You cannot help but succeed when you become an expert at failing.

So what about you?  Do you run the other way when a wall is blocking your path?  Or do you smash through that wall and the next one and the next and the next knowing that walls/issues WILL happen.  It’s how you deal with them that matters.

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