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How Your Numbers System Changes

I’ve had this discussion with my wife several times and she still thinks I’m nuts. When you first start out making money online, you think “if I could JUST hit $5 per day profit, that would be awesome”. Then you hit $5 per day and now your mindset changes to “if I could just hit $100 per day, that would be awesome!”. Then you hit $100 per day. Then you think “if I could just hit $500 per day my life would be totally different, I’d be making a killing, I’d be so happy with that!

Well, at first you are. Then your number system starts changing again. I have done a handful of WSO’s in the past and it’s not may main source of income. I have more then one “main source” but here’s a screenshot of my wso from the other day:

Now, $1,283 in a day is good, but it’s not that good. I’ve had days where I’ve done a lot more online and now if I don’t break a record, it doesn’t feel as good. I know that I’ve done more and that a lot of guys are doing more, so I want more too. Now $100 per day is a horrible failure, (I know that seems weird to read but it’s true.) Sure it’s nice to have, but it’s not the same feeling as I used to get when I’d watch my screen and refresh it every minute to see if I made a sale. I’m almost jealous of the new guys now because they still get to feel that excitement.

So what do you do now to get that feeling of satisfaction? You start seeking other outlets. Your numbers system is now not on the same level with other humans, so you need something else. THAT is why some turn to training others and helping them. When you train others, you get that good warm fuzzy feeling again that you did something good. Numbers don’t do it anymore so you need to fill that gap that numbers used to fill.  People who wonder why others would ever turn to training don’t get this notion yet.  They’re probably still in survival mode or are just happy beating their own record every time, (kinda like a high score on a video game).

Anyhow, I know I’m not the only one who has gone through this. Let’s hear how your numbers system has changed since you made it! If you haven’t made it yet, you will, just keep going, learn from your mistakes and keep trying no matter what.  Use this post as motivation so that in the near future you can look back at it and say, “Yeah $100 per day does suck now”.  Know that you can do it if I can and there are people out there doing far more then that by a large multiple too.  Aim high, work hard and there’s no reason you won’t succeed too.

How Your Numbers System Changes

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