Facebook Ads Free Webinar

My buddy Mark Roth asked me to speak about Facebook Ads and what to do after you have launched your campaign. It’s going back to basics, but it’s stuff that most affiliates just don’t do. So come join us for this Free Webinar. Here’s the invitation:

Hey Guys,

Everyone focuses on getting as many ads as possible up and running
on Facebook. They look for ways to launch more and more. But then
they forget to do the hard part of the campaign process, managing
the ads!

In next weeks free Offervualt webinar, we are going back to basics
to show you what to do after your ads are up and running.

I’ve Got my Campaign Running on Facebook…Now What?

Date: Tuesday, February 8th at 9 PM Eastern
Register Here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/442502155

Join Facebook Expert Will Haimerl for this valuable webinar.

You need to track your results and you need to manage every single
ad daily to be successful. We’ll show you the 3 big metrics you
should be using to do this and how to apply them to your campaigns.

– Facebook isn’t all about just launching an endless string of ads,
you’ve got to manage every single one too
– Managing all your ads can take several hours daily depending on
your campaign size
– We’ll show you the 3 metrics you need to be using to manage your
ads every day
– Clickthrough rate is NOT one of them

If you want to make more money with Facebook, be on this webinar.


Mark Roth