PPC-Coach.com Partners With PPCTrainer.com

For years now I have wanted to get into the business side of the PPC world. I know that there are millions of business owners and corporations out there that want to advertise online using Adwords, MSN Adcenter, Facebook and more. At PPC Coach, we’ve been more focussed strictly on affiliate marketers, since that’s my background, but now with my partnering on PPCTrainer.com, that’s changing.

I wanted to do this without affecting the existing PPC-Coach.com site. I like to keep things in niches. So this was a perfect solution. Now if people want ppc affiliate marketing training, they can still get it right here at PPC-Coach.com. However if someone owns their own product or service or wants to advertise their business online using ppc, now they can use PPCTrainer.com for this.

Introduction To PPCTrainer.com

Martin Voelk is my partner at PPCTrainer.com. He’s been running it for almost a year now and has had some great success. I wanted to partner with Martin for several reasons, including the fact that he speaks German fluently, is located in the United Kingdom and allows us to have a truely international company serving anywhere on the globe with training, consulting, management, lead generation and product sales. Not to mention he is an Adwords wizard who has the knowledge and experience to help any business succeed online.


While PPC-Coach.com will continue operating as is, (with a couple excellent additions), PPCTrainer.com works a bit differently. Instead of a membership site with training modules on the forums, PPCTrainer.com offers webinars, videos, consulting and even on site seminars to businesses around the world. We will deliver our training right in your boardroom to your employees if requested.

PPC Account Management

Another service PPCTrainer.com offers is Google Adwords account management. We have a flat rate option that suits most businesses perfectly. Business owners tend to be interested in one thing, the bottomline and that is what our pay per click account management service provides. We take the frustration and worry of managing their own account away and do it all for them for one reasonable flat rate fee per month.

PPC Consulting

We have a couple options available here as well. We offer phone consultations and one day Adwords fixes for clients. Our one day fix program is very popular as we login to your existing account, analyse it and report back to you with any fixes or updates we recommend. This is great for the do-it-yourselfer business person who doesn’t need full account management but likes to have a second opinion on the state of their pay per click campaigns.

Lead Generation

This part of PPCTrainer.com is being implemented as we speak. This is also the part where PPC Coach members will benefit. Having access to a large pool of affiliate marketers gives us a huge advantage over any other PPC Agency. We can not only train, consult and manage PPC accounts, but we can deliver leads right to businesses who want them on a small or large scale. We are currently putting this program into place where the business owner decides what exactly they want, then we will pay our PPC Coach members to generate the leads for us and sell them to the business owner. This means exclusive private deals en masse for PPC Coach members and getting into local lead generation without the hassle of actually finding a business owner to sell them to.

We are going to be bringing in the best of the best software solution for tracking everything. The software we are looking at can allow for the affiliate to have the form on their own site and have it automatically post to our database. This means 100% white label sites can be built. White lable landing sites tend to convert best as you integrate them with the theme of your site. When I personally started in 2004 doing UK secured loan leads, this is exactly what I did. I am going back to my roots with lead generation and have a ton of knowledge and experience in this field.

Product & Service Sales

In addition to the lead generation service we will be offering a product sales and service sales aspect to all PPCTrainer.com clients as well. Again we’re in the unique position of having access to a very large pool of affiliate marketers. So this will provide even more exclusive private offers for PPC Coach members to promote and get paid for.


Martin and I have really thought through this whole process and both feel that combining forces is going to benefit every involved, including PPC Coach members. Maybe you’re getting tired of CPA networks dropping offers without notice. Maybe you’re looking to get into lead generation but have no idea how. That’s where PPCTrainer.com and PPC-Coach.com come into play. On the PPC Coach site I’m constantly evolving and keeping up to and in most ahead of the changes in the affiliate marketing world. This partnership with PPCTrainer.com is just the next logical step in my master plan.

I hope you’ll support Martin and I in our newest joint venture and look forward to providing you with even more to promote as an affiliate marketer. Meantime if you are a business owner or know anyone who is looking for a great PPC Agency, we love referrals!

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