MaxBounty & PPC Coach Present, How To Promote Email Submits On 7Search

I love doing webinars, they’re fun to do and everyone always picks up a good golden nugget here and there. Recently I contacted MaxBounty, (one of the oldest and most respected CPA networks out there), and offered to do a live webinar showing the setup of a direct linking campaign using 7search and a couple MaxBounty offers. The response has been awesome so far! You know how most marketers always say that seats are limited and you need to sign up right now to get yours? Well I’m doing the exact same thing, but with proof!

I’m hosting a webinar in conjunction with MaxBounty and here’s the stats so far, (my account can hold 1,000 users at a time):

There’s a lot of interest in this and we’re excited to offer it completely free to all registrants. A lot of marketers think 7search doesn’t work, well it does if you do it right and that means taking 2 steps to ensure you’re only getting good traffic that converts. I’m going to walk through the whole campaign setup in excruciating detail. It should take me approximately 30 minutes to get this campaign up and running.

Will it make money? You never know until you actually try do you. I’m not guaranteeing anything, but I will guarantee you’ll be motivated to try your own after seeing how to do it correctly on the webinar. I gave up caring if things don’t work out a long time ago. You miss 100% of the shots you do not take and in our business, mindset is the most important aspect of success. The technical side can be learned. Offers can be found. Traffic sources can be mastered but if you have a negative mindset, you’re dead from the start.

90% of the keywords I test will fail. I know that. 70% of the campaigns I try will fail. I know that too. So why bother? Simple, the 10% of keywords that work in the 30% of campaigns that work make more then enough to cover all the losses I had in testing in testing in the first place. It’s never a one shot deal with CPA marketing. You’ve got to make at least 10 solid attempts to find your first winning campaign. You might get lucky and have the first one be the one, but that’s just luck.

Speaking of luck, I am a firm believer that you manufacture your own luck. It doesn’t just appear out of no where. Look at anyone who has won the lottery. They didn’t have the money simply appear in their account, they had to go out and buy a ticket first. Now that’s not much work, but the amount of luck is typically directly proportional to the amount of work put in. I run a luck factory, I’m the owner, manager, salesperson, receptionist and janitor at my luck factory. Nobody else works there but me and if I take a day off or don’t do any work, the production of my luck drops off dramatically. Next time you find yourself saying “oh he’s just lucky”, ask how he or she GOT lucky? Odds are they have a luck factory in the same industrial complex as mine. Do you want one? They’re selling vacant land right on the PPC Coach site right now. You can buy yours for as little as $1 for 14 days.

Anyhow, enough of my mindset mumbo jumbo, this is your invite too!

It’s going to be Wednesday February 8th at 9pm est.

I’m going to do a live campaign setup of some email submits using 7search with MaxBounty offers.

If you want to join us, please do!

Click the link below to register, there’s under 200 spots left and I’d love to hit the 1,000 maximum!

*** UPDATE ***

Well we hit 1,003 registrants! That is huge. I’m very excited about this one and can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve got planned for you. If you missed it, sorry, we might run another in the future for you. Here’s a screenshot:

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