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make money online

Make Money Online

I think everyone at some point in time has surfed over to Google and typed “make money online” into the search field. They hit submit and hope for a miracle. There is a whole industry built around the make money online business. There’s also a group of people so called “gurus” who claim they can show you how to make money online without doing any work and sipping margaritas on a beach in the bahamas. Well those are the snake oil salesmen of the industry and the rest of the make money online people do not like those scum at all. They write long sales pages trying to push every hot button you as a buyer has. They’ll try emotional angles, hardship, family, how your life would be so different if you made $11,394.43 in 2 days by clicking a button. Steer clear of those idiots. In fact any sales page you come across that starts with “Make $xxx,xxx in xx days without any effort”, run from it. It’s complete crap and just designed to get your money. They rarely deliver.

Make Money Online Is Real Though

While there are a lot of shysters in the make money online world, there are several people who truely want to help you. This site is a prime example. I don’t flash pictures of my mansions, my yachts, my sports cars and me wearing a ton of diamond jewelry. (Mainly because I would never wear jewelry no matter how much it’s worth and I think that is a cheesey way to market). But back to the point. It is possible to make money online. You can do it a couple different ways.

Ways To Make Money Online

The first way is to promote your own products or services online. You can market to anyone anywhere in the world right now if you wanted to. We train people in how to do this successfully. For example, say you are a chiropractor and want to find some new patients online. You can bid on things called “keywords” or things people type into search engines and have an ad that you make show right beside the search results. You’ve probably already seen this everyday on search engines like Google. You type in “how to fix my back pain” and see a bunch of ads on the right hand side offering chiropractors or ebooks or solutions to your aches and pains. Those are called “adwords” and those little text ads are how Google has made BILLIONS in revenue annually. Advertisers, (of which you can become one), create those ads and through Google’s interface, bid on the keywords they want the ads to show for. Then the advertiser only gets charged when someone clicks on their ad. So their ad could show 1,000,000 times but if it’s only clicked once then they’re only going to pay for that one click. Pretty neat isn’t it?

The second way to make money online is to advertise other people’s products or services online. You can make money online doing this as well. If you don’t have your own things to sell, sell someone elses and make a commission, that’s how to make money online without your own stuff. This business model is called “affiliate marketing” and has been around since the beginning of the internet. is the pioneer in this business model as they started paying people a small percentage of every sale that was sent to their massive online store by “affiliates”. In the make money online world, affiliates can make your business. If you’re not sure where to get these offers, that’s ok, you can go to sites that broker offers between owners and affiliates. Those places are called CPA networks or cost per action networks and are very popular with affiliate marketers.

Now don’t let all this confuse you. It’s not easy to break down how to make money online into a short article like this one. But we can help you if you’re interested in pursuing this as either a business owner or an affiliate marketer. That’s what is all about. Helping people make money online with the help of our training, coaching and mentoring.